How to Experience a Unique African Safari

An African Safari is an incredible adventure with unforgettable memories. From the unspoiled savannah wilderness to virgin forests and bushes, Africa provides the perfect atmosphere for visitors from different parts of the world. You can enjoy the best game-viewing opportunities starting with the Big Five and other rare wildlife species native to the continent. If you are an avid safari fan, here are a few tips to make your trip exceptional.

1. Try a Walking Safari

A walking safari is an excellent way to connect with the soul of Africa. Compared to a game drive, walking in the bush as you soak up the surrounding sounds and interact with nature provides a great experience. Your senses are heightened due to the acute awareness of predators roaming around the bush, making it an exhilarating experience. If you are a novice traveller, you should go for a guided walk since the game reserves are often vast.

2. Have Your Binoculars

Binoculars are often crucial for game drives since most destinations are vast, and you won’t hit every spot. With binoculars, you can easily watch distant wildlife and a wide range of rollers, bee-eaters, parrots, and other species of birds that inhabit the African safari destinations. At night, you can use the binoculars to marvel at the pristine night sky and get a mind-blowing experience as you see thousands of stars that the naked eye can’t catch.

3. Interact With the Locals

Many wildlife camps and lodges in Masai, Samburu, Himba are located in villages, which provides a unique opportunity to interact with the locals. Remember that you can always talk to anyone, such as waiters, lodge staff, guides, and learn the African culture. They are social and friendly to tourists and won’t mind teaching you their language and culture.

4. Dress the Part

You don’t have to buy an African safari uniform, though you will look great in them. However, you should dress appropriately for the hot weather with muted colors, light materials and top it up with warmer clothes for the evenings spent around the fire. The sun can be scorching in most game reserves, and you will spend several hours on game drives, so put on a hat to protect your face from sunburns.

5. Set the Side Camera

A camera is the most vital African Safari accessory since it would be a great disappointment if you got home without capturing memorable moments. However, be careful not to treat your safari as a lengthy photoshoot; you will miss some exciting moments while you are busy with the camera. At some point, you should set aside the camera and take time to relax, feed your eyes and marvel at the surrounding nature.

6. Visit the Open-Air Local Markets

Have you ever thought about being a fly-on-the-wall at a local open-air market? That would be a great chance to interact with the locals and buy a range of cultural items. Many African villages have weekly markets where you can collect beautiful souvenirs at pocket-friendly prices. Many subsistence farmers bring their fresh produce to the markets, while artisans bring woven items and unique art pieces. The markets are typically packed to the brim, and the opportunity to interact with the locals is something you never want to miss.

7. Wake Up Early

You have all the reasons to pick up a new routine during your safari expedition. Most birds and other animals’ activities begin right after sunrise, and if you want to be a front liner, you should be up by sunrise to capture the tranquil and beautiful mornings. Some animals are also active after the sunset, especially the predators. Therefore, late game drives would give you a glimpse of the rare predators to spot during the day. You can also camp near the game reserves to watch the animals at night.

8. Don’t Only Focus on the Big Five

Understandably, most visitors believe their African safari is incomplete if they do not catch a glimpse of the Big Five. However, safari destinations have more to offer besides chasing lions and leopards. To have an exclusive experience, you should encounter as many aspects of African wildlife as possible, from the hot air balloons to enjoying the sandy beaches in the coastal regions. You can also go hiking in the tallest mountains in Africa or canoeing in various lakes and rivers.

9. Try the Local Cuisine

Africa is not closely associated with Asian dishes, but it has plenty of delicacies worth trying. Make sure you taste some cinnamon-infused pilau or omena, and you will know you are in Africa for sure. In the morning, you can try deep-fried mandazi known as doughnuts.

10. Respect the Wildlife

In most African destinations, animals are used to vehicles, but that does not mean they are tame. The lions that come close to your jeep might as well attack anybody, so be sure to keep your distance. You are strongly discouraged from approaching the wild animals if you are on a walking safari.

Final Thoughts

If you want to experience the perfect safari holiday, the tips shared above might come in handy. Come prepared to have an adventure-filled safari and create new memories in the beautiful continent. You can always come back to our website for more information about the African safari destination you want to visit.

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